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We specialise in restoring power to you, and getting you off the grid.

Quality Standard

We are a quality Standard Compliant company with memberships in several standard bodies.

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We care about the planet

Our eco friendly and sustainable energy solutions not only keep you out of the dark, but help save the planet too.

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Choosing an energy solution can be daunting but our friendly staff at Energy in Motion help make it all a breeze.

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We are a company dedicated to assist in eradicating the electrical energy power problems that our country is currently faced with, with the use of Solar power, Fuel Cell and Wind technology solutions. The use of natural resources to generate electrical power has advantages that follow:
  • Overcome the Power Crisis
  • Reduce your Electricity Bill by up to 90%
  • Beat Electricity Tariff Hikes
  • Enjoy free Electricity for more than 25 years
  • Sell your Generated Power to the Power Utility instead of paying for Electricity.
  • Get paid Tax Incentives for Generating your own Power from Renewable Energy Systems.
  • Contribute to Saving the Environment

Install your private Renewable Energy Generating System.

The system can ensure your independence from the Utility Power grid such that you will no longer have any problems with Load Shedding. This means your business will carry on operating without loss of business... Read More


Just a few of our many affordable, efficient and green energy solutions.

Save The Planet

Our eco friendly range of products.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing excellent services to you.

Energy Provision

To make a significant contribution in alleviating the plight of energy shortage in Southern Africa.

Saviours of the Planet

To play a sizable role in reducing the carbon footprint which contributes to global warming.

Think Flexibility

To be flexibile enough and mobile and be able to move our operations wherever required in the country.

Innovative Ideas

To be able to respond as a medium flexible company, yet deliver the world class services.

Quick Turn around Time

The ability to accomplish projects timeously within the specified and required timeframes.

Ecology Today

Be able to educate and inform society about the alternate means of safe and environmentally friendly energy generation.

ONGOING Projects 2016

This is the amount of units Energy in Motion Technologies has installed so far.

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Solar Energy

70% Complete
  • 5000 target kW
  • 3500 installed kW
  • 1500 outstanding kW
  • 5400 CO₂ Footprint Reduction (t)
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Wind Energy

35% Complete
  • 1000 target kW
  • 350 installed kw
  • 650 outstanding kw
  • 1080 CO₂ Footprint Reduction (t)
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Fuel Cell Energy

0% Complete
  • 500 target kW
  • - installed kw
  • 500 outstanding kw
  • 540 CO₂ Footprint Reduction (t)

Important Facts

Why choose one system over the other. See for yourself.

The PV Solar technology provided offers Commercial, Light Industrial and Domestic Rooftop Farms which generate enough power for the entire electrical installation from 3kVA – 1000kVA and more as per the client's requirement. This sector of Rooftop Farms can be used as either power back up during outages and load shedding schedules or your establishment can be totally independent of the grid. Depending on the own consumption demand, any surplus energy can be calculated using bi-directional metering technology and fed back into the grid for a price to be paid by the utility. Read More

Wind power technology can be applied in similar categories as the other renewable energy technologies, where it can be used for light industrial, commercial and domestic applications. We can further apply wind power technology to large scale power generation plants in wind farm configuration with the purpose to integrate it into the grid under the Independent Power Producer (IPP) license and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Read More

The fuel cell technology is currently under utilized in South Africa and yet has a great potential to overtake the market due to it simplicity and flexibility while yielding significant power output. Since a fuel cell is essentially like a normal battery that is used on thousands of different applications, it can also be applied in a similar manner in the market to provide power and energy solutions in a clean and continuous manner as it is not affected by weather or climatic conditions, seasons and day-night cycles. Read More


We are members of the the following standards bodies.

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    Wind Farms

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    Solar Parks

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    Telecommunications Infrastructure

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